Happy National Girlfriend Day!

Happy National Girlfriend Day to all of you beautiful ladies! Guys and gals we know you’ve definitely had Valentines days to profess your love to your other half however we cannot deny a day of being smothered in love and gifts so why not embrace NGD?!? Well I... read more

What to Wear when Visiting Altitude Adventure…

It’s not unusual to panic in the upcoming days to a challenge. This tends to be the case with activities like marathon runs, skydiving and all sorts of adrenaline inducing adventures but we notice here at Altitude Adventure parents especially tend to panic when they... read more

Team Building at Altitude Adventure!

In life we come across many different people and personality types. In places such as work, school and University we have to find ways to work effectively as a team to produce great results. If you’re part of a team and you feel as if your group need to improve... read more

Altitude Adventure – A Fun Way to Keep Fit

Often when people think of exercise, grueling workouts and blood, sweat and tears often come to mind. However, exercise doesn’t always have to be boring and tiresome. In fact here at Altitude Adventure we have created a fun way to keep fit and the best thing about it... read more

How I Overcame My Fear of Heights!

I like to think of myself as fairly open-minded however when it comes to heights I am a full-fledged, self-confessed scaredy cat! In all of my 25 years of life I had never managed to get over my fear of heights but a day at Altitude Adventure completely changed the... read more

The Three Different Climbers of Altitude Adventure

At Altitude Adventure we get a host of different climbers looking for an adrenaline inducing day out, we have people who have climbed before and we get people who have never experienced high ropes before. What we have found over the year that we have been open is that... read more

Exhilarating Easter Fun

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and we have thrown open the gates of Altitude Adventure for another exhilarating day at our high ropes course. Our instructors have folded away their winter coats and whipped out the sun cream ready for another busy week of bouncing... read more

Our Big DIY Adventure!

The guys and girls at Altitude Adventure had been seeing loads of news headlines last year about kids spending less and less time outdoors compared to their parents’ generations. Something that was hard for us to believe when we see so many people here each day.... read more

Team Training Time

All the team are up earlier this morning and on site with a special kind of bounce only seen on training days. I know what you are thinking; training days are long and normally boring. Well not for us! Training days are some of the best days at Altitude Adventure as... read more